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Premium Production Services


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$55/per song


$150/3 song EP


have pre-recorded stems

ready to be mixed?

Completed your tracking? Get your raw tracks professionally mixed in to shape with a Northside Ambition Productions producer! Our sharp quality mixing process includes individual element placement of tracks in the mix, the stabilization and balancing of frequencies across the mix, track compression, delay and FX usage, as well as an overall balance of the general mix. We will be sure to leave your tracks sounding radio ready!


Instrumental Beat Mixing - Mixing for instrumental beats without vocals stems receive 30% off



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$125/3 SONG EP


Finished mixing?

The process of creating the master copy of a record from which all other replications will be derived is a crucial stage in music. Let our engineers dive in to the fine depths of your record and process the song/album to the best version possible.