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Roxstarr Beats

D'Artaganan Dakota Bean (born August 27/1994), professionally known as Roxstarr Beats, is an upcoming Canadian-based music producer, DJ and musical entrepreneur from Ottawa, ON. In 2015, he began crafting  the roots of the digital media arts company, Northside Ambition Productions.

Formerly a member of EDM DJ duo Sh4dowdropz, D'Artagnan has had a broad musical upbringing in the music industry. Being raised in a very musically influenced family environment, his youth was filled with many forms of family-fun jam sessions and music based singalong gatherings at family events. With many relatives and close friends having been connected to music on a serious level, it was only a matter of time before his own personal passion started turning itself out seriously.

In Late 2011, D'Artagnan and a high-school friend, Jeff Pepin (XITE) started the DJ duo, Sh4dow Dropz. This was only a basement endeavour until about mid 2012 when the duo started embracing house-party gigs and afterparties of urban events. Within months the name had grown some local clout landing the group with various Nightclub gigs across the Ottawa-Gatineau region. This EDM party venture went on till about late 2014 when other half of Sh4dow Dropz, DJ XITE (jeff Pepin) resigned after relocating cities to pursue alternative employment opportunity. The group had broken up Sh4dow Dropz by early 2015.

In mid 2016, D'Artagnan was accepted to Algonquin College - School of Media Design - Music Industry Arts program in Nepean, ON. After completing his education in Digital Music Production, he has been a grinding entrepreneur growing Northside Ambition Productions as an Artist Service company in Ottawa, ON. His most dedicated craft is to Instrumental hiphop productions within various genres of rap music culture, although EDM bass music is his tried and true passion!




Hip-Hop Music Producer (Instrumentals)

Nicolas Rancourt (ORLEANS. ON. CAN), also known as Nicky Ice, is a quickly developing instrumental beat producer aspiring from the eastern suburbs of the nations capital! 

With a lifelong passion for hiphop music, Nick has been making a name for himself in the local hiphop music scene since 2014 with a various range of talented rising artists including Patchy P, Lil Marco, Neddy Flanderz and Kongo Blessed just to name a few!

He has gained recognition for his west-coast style production sound that has been influenced by many major names like Sledgren, Cardo, Currency and Lex Luger. 

After numerous beat collaborations with fellow producer Roxstarr Beats, Nicky Ice joined forces under Northside Ambition Productions in mid 2016 as an instrumental content producer affiliate.