Top 10 Reasons to Start A Blog for Your Brand



1. Place to dump your content

Provides a personal space you can call home for all your content, ideas, thought, opinions and anything else representing you or your brand!

2. Builds a social following + Email lists

Gives you options for attention and exposure to the social media networking communities within your niche. If posts are updated consistently, more people will be prone to follow or subscribe to your recurring content!

3. Keeps track of personal growth

A blog will keep track of your overall brand growth and development. All the time you spent building content can be reflected on... from day 1 of your brand concept to your current status.

4. Keeps you relevant

Provides you with a way to keep your online following up to date on your latest content and shows you're active within your internet "trench" (popular niche hotspots online) and community.

5. Create new community connections

Meet people and grow your personal network of connections by connecting with people through comments and messages! People will literally follow you for the sake of it if you give them an opportunity too! Just being labelled as a "position" in your craft can get a similar individuals attention. 

6. Method of validating opinions

Blog updates let you openly provide your 2cents to the world on whichever topics you enjoy covering in whichever way you please. No fucks given!

7. Improves brand SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

One of the most effective ways to grow your brands SEO is to provide content on your specific craft in order to become more relevant in your topics search results. The more topics you cover, the more chances you have to be found in your community. Keywords are crucial.

8. Can create opportunities

If you are building a community, you may find yourself in positions where you are offered to be affiliated with related organizations and/or people with similar interests. If you are a known source of media or content, others may come to you first with offers or opportunities.

9. Monetization Options

Once you grow your brand to a level with enough recognition and credibility, possible monetization options can start being presented and can even be turned into services. Influencer marketing can become a large revenue source for those who wish to act on in when presented the opportunity. This can be as little as a social media post for a set fee, to a multi-million dollar endorsement deal with a major organization, similar to a sponsorship. Sponsorships themselves may also become an option when you have a decent level of attention to your brand.

10. Keeps you actively learning/updated with the culture

Staying active on a blog is one of the best ways you can grow your own personal knowledge on the world of your craft. It gives you a reason to be doing new research consistently and keeps you learning the views and thoughts of community participants.