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 Lease License Vs. Exclusive Rights

Know the difference?

A question asked by many artists that are new to the industry is...

"What's the difference between an MP3/WAV LEASE LICENSE and an EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS LICENSE?"


A lease license is a limited set of rights to an instrumental for a fraction of the entire exclusive rights fee.

Leased beats are typically subject to a limited time use period and/or sales limit cap amount set by the producer.

Multiple artists may purchase a lease license for the same instrumental beat until it is sold exclusively. 

Artists can always extend lease license periods or upgrade to a more premium license type at any time as needed, as long as the beat has not been sold exclusively.

Leases are intended for artists looking to add high-quality productions to smaller projects and other promo content.

Lease license options come in Mp3 or WAV files and may not include stem track-outs.

Purpose: Mixtapes, EP/LP Projects, Freestyles.


Exclusive rights gives an artist sole ownership over an instrumental without any restrictions to sales. 

Beats are usually priced higher due to the fact that they can no longer generate revenue being sold as lease beats.

An exclusive rights owner is the last individual able to purchase or sell media collaborated with the original instrumentation of the beat.

Exclusive rights to a beat are bound by contract to a specific artist when purchased via agreement terms. Beat track-out stems are also included for production manipulation.

For serious artist looking to build an album or catalogue of original content, owning exclusive rights to your beats is essential, especially for any kind of serious label submissions or major level sales.

Purpose: Albums, TV/Film Placement, Major Label Submissions


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